Restaurant Review – Byblos

The very first restaurant review:
After a long day at FRRO Office my friend and I were famished, looking for a restaurant in Indiranagar we decided to settled for a new Lebanese restaurant, Byblos (which also happens to be the name of my second favorite perfume, my first Philosophy Baby Grace, Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, I’m sure you have the point). What a surprising find, the menu is quite extensive and prices are very reasonable they also have upscale to the 600 Rs range. We order the Fatooush, the Byblos Mix Grill, my friend had a cardamom chicken dish, falafel wrap and flatbread, olive and sauce come as part of the dining experience.

The atmosphere was pleasant, very comfortable booth; loved that I could see the kitchen and chef from the dining area, always a plus for me! The restaurant covers 2 floors which the restroom is upstairs and part of the building not solely the restaurant.

The staff helpful and recommended our dishes, since it was our first visit and with the extensive menu, let’s get it right the first time. My friend had fruit punch to drink garnished with pineapple wedge, I had unsweetened tea with lemon and sprig of mint, which makes my mouth water just writing this entry.

So for the food, the fatooush was good, a little different with the dressing a little bitter with chopped parsley, pickles and added pomegranate seeds as garnish, I enjoyed it and my friend said it was good but very different from the fatooush we get at a restaurant near where we live.

The falafel wrap had a nice flavor (once you remove the pickles) I thought it was yummy and as such I was given the remaining ½ to take home (score). The chicken dish I am not sure of the name of it but it was quite large and my friend finished one fourth maybe, soaking wet on a good day, she found the cardamom flavor heavy and although loved the experience of trying new cuisine, it was very different for her. She is usually game for just about any cuisine. The best for last, the Byblos Mix Grill, on the platter was chicken kebab flavored wonderfully, also a single lamb chop, a lamb kebab, a small pie slice of stuffed flatbread, another pie slice of flatbread with parsley and spices, also @ 5-6 pieces of lamb chunks. IO, it was flavorful, tender (most pieces) absolutely delicious.

I would definitely recommend Byblos and also would like to frequent to taste test some of the other featured menu items. Byblos is in Indiranagar, just passed 3M Car Care on 100 ft. Road.


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