Maiyas Shop

These past two months I have visited a local office to get various paperwork in order, a friend traveled with me one day and introduced me to a coffee/tea snack shop that makes coffee the traditional South Indian coffee , the simplest way to explain is the coffee and made to steep overnight (Wikipedia has a longer explanation under the title of “Indian filter coffee”) when you order the coffee or tea, it is pour 1/2 or so in a cup then boiling hot milk is then added to make a perfect balance of flavor.

The first visit with my friend she ordered coffee (you add your own sugar) which was some of the best I have had in such a long time. My second visit I ordered tea and exceeding my expectation was the flavor of the tea, it is strong but it is not bitter or overpowering, it is an art to achieve that perfect balance where the tea is not to powerful and the perfect amount of milk enhances the flavor of the tea.

It is shop that offers snacks, there are chairs standing room only as with so many shops in India right next door is a store which sells any sweet you can think of, which I did not partake in but I did browse.

The location of the shop is No 549/E Double Road near CMH Road, ground floor, next to HBSC bank, Indiranagar 1st stage. If you are in the area, you have to try the tea or coffee (your preference) or both it is definitely worth it. I did not try any of the snacks.

The only downfall is there are chairs to sit, since it is so close to the intersection of CMH on Double Road, you can enjoy as I did sipping tea while people watching but usually I prefer to sit while doing it but it is place for a quick pick me up if you are short on time and don’t want the hassle of a table, ordering, wait staff, etc.

Definitely recommended.


India’s fruit

One of my favorite things to do in India is shop at the local fruit/veggie stands and since I have “little guy” my refrigerator, visiting the stands is a frequent activity. Ah the fruit in India!  The apples, bananas, MANGO season is incredible, there is also Mangosteen it is a wow! Oh ya and then there is white and pink guava (white suddenly became my favorite, the pink seeds inside are much bigger and harder to chew) and my new addition to the favorite family since I have so many are the Custard Apples, yep my friend introduced me to them and its been love at first bite.  (it’s not really a bite it’s more like a slurp)

Custard Apples look on the outside like a green dirty prehistoric baby egg but when you break it open, you eat the inside creamy white rich, sweet meat which also has an inner black seed (which I save), it takes work to eat a custard apple to get the meat off the inner seed and its messy but its worth it and there is not much meat on the seed so I believe it is okay to eat two custard apples.  The perfect custard apple is ripe just before it goes bad, my friend says, which has proven true for the sweet rich texture.  I have saved my seeds and wonder if I can grown my own custard apples?

Careful though getting custard apples home has proven more difficult that eggs, they are very tender and several times I bought 3 by the time I got home all of them were crushed, so sad.  The next I took extra care and only 1 was crushed maybe I can invent a custard apple carrier similar to egg carriers?

I will try and post photos still not that good at it but i’ll try.  So if you are in India or coming to India along with the amazing fruit they have be sure and try the custard apples, yum!

Sunny’s Restaurant

I wanted to share my experience at Sunny’s Restaurant located at:  No 34, Embassy Diamante, Vittal Mallya Road, Opposite Canara Bank, Bangalore, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

This is my first visit at this location, they had a storefront in Indira Nagar which is the location I frequented several times some time ago, this location is no longer open, so out with a friend and she picked Sunny’s for lunch, which is good for me.  Sunny’s has amazing salads and Salmon.

However, on this visit I tried something different, we started with sharing a salad which they actually will serve on separate plates, thankfully.  It was an arugula salad with apples, pomegranate pieces and probably goat cheese topped with what taste like a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Oh, I could have eaten a full portion if this incredible tasting salad, the flavors in every bite a little bitter mixed with a touch of sweet and pungent cheese one of my favorite salads no question and so easy I can make at home but food always taste better at a restaurant.

For the main, I order Chicken breast cooked in raisins and brandy, one word fabulous! I ate like a lady, I really did with a fork and knife but I was getting to finishing and there was still quite a bit of meat on the chicken carcass so I simply asked my friend if she would mind if I picked up the chicken and ate, since we are in India it is okay to eat with your fingers, when in Rome!  The brandy gravy had a wonderful flavor mixed with the sweetness of the plump raisins full of flavor, the chicken was incredibly tender and for vegetables there were 3 pieces of Bok Choy along with a potato stack similar to an au gratin/gratin dauphinois.  I did remember to take a photo but that was after I ate, oops sorry about that I will get better at the photo thing.

My friend for the main course had a fish which was cooked in a cream sauce and it also had a wonderful flavor, the fish was fresh and cooked just perfect.

The service at the restaurant is always good and I have just two small areas of not my favorite, really insignificant in comparison to the excellent service, food and menu selection. The first is the table bread although it is a decent roll it just does not match with the quality of food served at the restaurant, I would rather see more of a French roll, baguette or sourdough something else but have no fear, I did eat it.  The second area is more difficult to achieve with a sauce on my main, my potatoes and my vegetables were also covered in the sauce.  Now I don’t the potatoes because I don’t eat them anyhow, I may taste but that’s it but the vegetables I do eat and I want to taste the vegetables no matter how incredible the sauce of the main is.

Would I go again, would I order the same meal, would I tell a friend, the answer is yes to all three questions.  It is a great atmosphere, simple yet distinctive design, extensive menu and the restaurant has 2 floors available.  If you are in the area of UB City (which will have to have separate reviews as there are more than 7 or so exception restaurants located in the mall) try Sunny’s it is just 20 feet or so from UB City.

Balsamic Condiment

One of my favorite dressings for warm bread or salad is Balsamic Vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) with olive oil touch of fresh ground pepper and salt, simple but always good.  Typically after consumption I get a headache for a brief period of time, but not enough for me to stop using it.  I visited one of my favorite restaurants in Indira Nagar not to long ago (which I will complete a review on shortly) and I found “Condimento Balsamico Bianco” (yes) a White Balsamic Condiment, I thought I would give it a try. I poured the dressing over a Greek salad (minus the feta) and found lovely flavor, not so intense as the dark brown variety, it was very light and had a slightly sweet but tangy flavor. I am glad that I made the purchase, the brand I have is “Acetaia Giuseppe Cremonini” – so be brave my friends its worth the risk.  Although I have no bread in the house, any guesses on what I’m having for dinner tonight?

Recipe – Paneer

To make Paneer is very easy and for my US friends, it is India’s cottage cheese but it reminds me of tofu.

You take milk unpasteurized bring to boil until the water is gone

add vinegar or lemon juice, a cap full or two, into warm water

then mix into the milk

the curdling will begin

remove from the heat and drain through a muslin or cheesecloth

let hang 15-20 minutes until all water is gone, squeeze excess water

and slice typically in squares

Paneer has really no flavor of its own but takes on the flavor of the ingredients and spices you use to

cook it with.  In India, it is a dish for vegetarians but at times it is nice not to have a heavy meal

Recipe – Paneer Dish


Garam masala  



1.  Slice paneer into cubes – set aside

2. Slice onions and mushrooms

3. Heat oil, once hot add garam masala sauté 5 minutes

4. Add onion, cook until translucent

5. Add paneer, cook for 10 minutes or so

6. Add sliced mushrooms until soft

7.  Remove from stove

8. Add cream, mix well

9. Return to stove, low flame until mixed well