Sunny’s Restaurant

I wanted to share my experience at Sunny’s Restaurant located at:  No 34, Embassy Diamante, Vittal Mallya Road, Opposite Canara Bank, Bangalore, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

This is my first visit at this location, they had a storefront in Indira Nagar which is the location I frequented several times some time ago, this location is no longer open, so out with a friend and she picked Sunny’s for lunch, which is good for me.  Sunny’s has amazing salads and Salmon.

However, on this visit I tried something different, we started with sharing a salad which they actually will serve on separate plates, thankfully.  It was an arugula salad with apples, pomegranate pieces and probably goat cheese topped with what taste like a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Oh, I could have eaten a full portion if this incredible tasting salad, the flavors in every bite a little bitter mixed with a touch of sweet and pungent cheese one of my favorite salads no question and so easy I can make at home but food always taste better at a restaurant.

For the main, I order Chicken breast cooked in raisins and brandy, one word fabulous! I ate like a lady, I really did with a fork and knife but I was getting to finishing and there was still quite a bit of meat on the chicken carcass so I simply asked my friend if she would mind if I picked up the chicken and ate, since we are in India it is okay to eat with your fingers, when in Rome!  The brandy gravy had a wonderful flavor mixed with the sweetness of the plump raisins full of flavor, the chicken was incredibly tender and for vegetables there were 3 pieces of Bok Choy along with a potato stack similar to an au gratin/gratin dauphinois.  I did remember to take a photo but that was after I ate, oops sorry about that I will get better at the photo thing.

My friend for the main course had a fish which was cooked in a cream sauce and it also had a wonderful flavor, the fish was fresh and cooked just perfect.

The service at the restaurant is always good and I have just two small areas of not my favorite, really insignificant in comparison to the excellent service, food and menu selection. The first is the table bread although it is a decent roll it just does not match with the quality of food served at the restaurant, I would rather see more of a French roll, baguette or sourdough something else but have no fear, I did eat it.  The second area is more difficult to achieve with a sauce on my main, my potatoes and my vegetables were also covered in the sauce.  Now I don’t the potatoes because I don’t eat them anyhow, I may taste but that’s it but the vegetables I do eat and I want to taste the vegetables no matter how incredible the sauce of the main is.

Would I go again, would I order the same meal, would I tell a friend, the answer is yes to all three questions.  It is a great atmosphere, simple yet distinctive design, extensive menu and the restaurant has 2 floors available.  If you are in the area of UB City (which will have to have separate reviews as there are more than 7 or so exception restaurants located in the mall) try Sunny’s it is just 20 feet or so from UB City.


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