India’s fruit

One of my favorite things to do in India is shop at the local fruit/veggie stands and since I have “little guy” my refrigerator, visiting the stands is a frequent activity. Ah the fruit in India!  The apples, bananas, MANGO season is incredible, there is also Mangosteen it is a wow! Oh ya and then there is white and pink guava (white suddenly became my favorite, the pink seeds inside are much bigger and harder to chew) and my new addition to the favorite family since I have so many are the Custard Apples, yep my friend introduced me to them and its been love at first bite.  (it’s not really a bite it’s more like a slurp)

Custard Apples look on the outside like a green dirty prehistoric baby egg but when you break it open, you eat the inside creamy white rich, sweet meat which also has an inner black seed (which I save), it takes work to eat a custard apple to get the meat off the inner seed and its messy but its worth it and there is not much meat on the seed so I believe it is okay to eat two custard apples.  The perfect custard apple is ripe just before it goes bad, my friend says, which has proven true for the sweet rich texture.  I have saved my seeds and wonder if I can grown my own custard apples?

Careful though getting custard apples home has proven more difficult that eggs, they are very tender and several times I bought 3 by the time I got home all of them were crushed, so sad.  The next I took extra care and only 1 was crushed maybe I can invent a custard apple carrier similar to egg carriers?

I will try and post photos still not that good at it but i’ll try.  So if you are in India or coming to India along with the amazing fruit they have be sure and try the custard apples, yum!


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