Dinner with Friends

I had the ultimate pleasure of preparing a dinner for friends, it was in some ways intimidating as I cooked Indian food for my lovely Indian women friends. So on the menu:

* Starters: Fig & Pear Salad with pomegranate, goat cheese, baby tomatoes,
red onions, butter lettuce, romaine, spinach, fresh basil, limes,
sliced green olives and topped with black pepper
dressing: fig and white balsamic vinegar reduction, add white
vinegar and a touch of sugar, when cooled I added olive oil.
Main dishes:  Rajma with Spicey Beef & a Veg Rajma
1. coconut rice with mustard seeds, cooked in coconut milk, curry leaves,
cinnamon, cardamom, cloves
2. noodles with julienne veggies (carrot, red & green capsicum, zucchini,
squash, scallions, something else
Dessert – well we had to improvise on the dessert the plan was ginger cookies
. base and to make individual tarts but as things go when you cook, I
. had to change plans – so I made 1 large sheet cake pan filled with the
. crushed ginger cookies and added cloves, cinnamon and powdered
. sugar, drizzled with butter and cooked for 10-12 minutes it actually
. came out like a wonderful cookie dunking type dessert but then I
. added the pumpkin on top (puree and seasoned with thanksgiving
. spices and baked for 30-40 minutes, I was wondering how it would
. come out but I was more scared than anything for the dinner guest.
. It was a beautiful evening and time for dessert, took cream added a
. little powdered sugar to pour over and topped with walnuts. much
. to my surprise I could have eaten just the base, then the filling but
. it was incredible together. some pieces were pretty jiggle as I did
. not add a binder but it actually made it taste better somehow.

it was a wonderful evening and very special night
a big shout out of Thanks to a friend and you know who you are
and may I duplicate this meal somehow again soon, salivating


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