Wings & more

I have a list of foods that I have been craving such as BBQ, Frozen Yogurt both of which have been satisfied in my belly; another food item on the list were wings, yes Chicken Wings. The healthy part of me wanted bake wings and the taste buds wanted fried chicken wings, last night I made Wings with applesauce (NSA) and Italian style salad.

So for the wings I marinated them in Darjeeling tea (cold) after a while, I patted them semi dry and seasoned them with garlic, Lawry’s (just a touch) oregano and a sprinkle of Italian Bread Crumbs, after 20 min in the oven I turned them over and sprinkled the wings with cinnamon and nutmeg returned them to the oven and they cooked another 40 min., I love the addition of cinnamon to various dishes it seems to bring out the flavor and adds a touch of sweetness, but there is always the possibility of adding it too soon or too much and bitterness will follow. The wings did not have a crunchy and toasty but the flavor was incredible.

I confess, I cheated on the sides I purchased no sugar added applesauce and ready salad mix, although homemade applesauce is way easy, taste better and less expensive I was so hungry and it was getting late. The salad I purchased was an Italian style salad which included Romaine lettuce, broccoli, red cabbage, celery, Italian cheese, green onions, parsley and salami, which the salad did not need they were ¼ of a slice. I added onions, garlic, red capsicum, kalamata olives and pepperoncini’s (yum) for the dressing I rarely will use anything other than some mixture of olive oil, apple cider/balsamic vinegar. This time I touch of olive juice, pepperoncini juice, ½ teaspoon of ranch, apple cider vinegar and touch of olive oil.

It was so tasty I had it not only for dinner but for lunch today, delicious! Until next time eat and enjoy good food, my foodie friends, ciao!


P.F. Chang’s Fall Goodness Contest

P.F. Chang announced their Fall Goodness Contest on FB, so I decided to enter. You get a list of their fall ingredients and you have to pick at least (3) to cook with, make your dish, take a photo and hit submit and presto you have entered the contest.  I choose the

Beef, mushrooms, scallions, brussel sprouts, sprouts, boy choy, Fuji apples and mangoes. Since it is the Fall Goodness Contest and after looking at the ingredients when I think of the fall season, I think of the warmth of clear broth soup with filled with fresh vegetables bursting with clean fresh flavors individually when combined they dance in your mouth. 

So this is what you will need:  Beef, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, red wine vinegar – mushrooms, scallions, seared Brussel sprouts with garlic, sprouts, boy choy, Fuji apples, ginger with red pepper and mangoes – oh don’t forget soup bones

and here is the method of madness: 

Start with making the clear broth, once the water boils then add beef bones, onions, celery, carrots reduce fire to simmer, skim top throughout cooking time and simmer for @ 2 hours until clear.

peel an apple and use the peeler to get thin slices of apples and then do the same for the ginger, let the apples and ginger slices combined soak lemon juice, cinnamon and touch of sugar

Beef – sliced thin, marinate with tablespoon brown sugar, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper rub over meat and add red wine vinegar.  After 2 hrs, in a little olive oil meat sear it until it is cooked and tender, if needed add a little broth in the pan but its probably not needed

sear the brussel sprouts in butter, a touch of brown sugar and olive oil, season with salt and pepper.

sauté mushrooms and 1/2 scallions in butter until mushrooms are soft but firm

once broth is finish, skim any remaining scum on the top, strain clear return stock to pot and add sprouts, boy choy cook for 10-15 minutes, then add all of the remaining ingredients. Let the flavor combine and serve hot, top with soy ginger crispy wontons and red pepper flakes. 

Take the apple thin slices roll around the ginger slices and serve on the side and garnish with mangoes.

Here is my submission and I do request if you do make the recipe it would not be made professionally until I find out the results of the contest.