Wings & more

I have a list of foods that I have been craving such as BBQ, Frozen Yogurt both of which have been satisfied in my belly; another food item on the list were wings, yes Chicken Wings. The healthy part of me wanted bake wings and the taste buds wanted fried chicken wings, last night I made Wings with applesauce (NSA) and Italian style salad.

So for the wings I marinated them in Darjeeling tea (cold) after a while, I patted them semi dry and seasoned them with garlic, Lawry’s (just a touch) oregano and a sprinkle of Italian Bread Crumbs, after 20 min in the oven I turned them over and sprinkled the wings with cinnamon and nutmeg returned them to the oven and they cooked another 40 min., I love the addition of cinnamon to various dishes it seems to bring out the flavor and adds a touch of sweetness, but there is always the possibility of adding it too soon or too much and bitterness will follow. The wings did not have a crunchy and toasty but the flavor was incredible.

I confess, I cheated on the sides I purchased no sugar added applesauce and ready salad mix, although homemade applesauce is way easy, taste better and less expensive I was so hungry and it was getting late. The salad I purchased was an Italian style salad which included Romaine lettuce, broccoli, red cabbage, celery, Italian cheese, green onions, parsley and salami, which the salad did not need they were ¼ of a slice. I added onions, garlic, red capsicum, kalamata olives and pepperoncini’s (yum) for the dressing I rarely will use anything other than some mixture of olive oil, apple cider/balsamic vinegar. This time I touch of olive juice, pepperoncini juice, ½ teaspoon of ranch, apple cider vinegar and touch of olive oil.

It was so tasty I had it not only for dinner but for lunch today, delicious! Until next time eat and enjoy good food, my foodie friends, ciao!


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