Chicken Stir-Fry

This recipe looks long and complicated but it is not really, I prefer to cook my vegetables separately for it enhances the flavor but surely you don’t have to. It does add a little extra time to make it this way but I think it’s worth it, prior to cooking I do have all my ingredients prepped (mise en place) awaiting their time. 

                                                         Recipe name:  Chicken Stir – Fry


Chicken 2 breast cubed
Bok choy 4 mini
Chicken broth 1.5 cups
Zucchini 2 thin sliced
Corn 1.5 cups
Scallions 4 chopped
Ginger 1 – 1 inch piece, fine chop
Enoki mushroom 1 pkg
Portabella mushroom 1 large
Oyster mushroom 1 pkg
Oil Little here / there
Apple cider vinegar 1/2 cap
Parsley Sprinkle
Garlic Loads
Sprouts 2.5 cups or so
Oregano Sprinkle
*Sesame Seeds sprinkle
*Sesame oil 2 tbsp
*Mustard 1 tbsp

*if you have Cha-Cha dressing & marinade skip these 3 ingredients.


As mentioned above, I like to cook each vegetable separate to bring out its flavor before mixing with the other ingredients, measurements are approximate, they were not measured but guestimated prior to creating the recipe.

  • Heat oil
  • cook sliced zucchini slow until soft add S&P with garlic and oregano
  • I added frozen corn (convenient) cook with black peppercorn until cooked , add to zucchini dish
  • cut portabella mushroom into cubes
  • Heat oil and add garlic – cook portabella and oyster mushroom let cook, no stirring for @ 5-7 minutes, then add sprouts and enoki mushrooms
  • Let cook @ 5 min and remove – adding to previously cooked vegetables
  • Add chicken broth in pan until it boils and add bok choy, let cook until done – add a touch of apple cider vinegar – broth should reduce while cooking
  • Combine all cooked ingredients together and let flavors sit together, only allow small amount of broth from bok choy to be included
  • Dice chicken into cubes and cover with pepper, fine chop thin slice of ginger and cut scallions – heat oil and let it get hot, add chicken and let cook on 1 side until done with a little crust forming, add scallions and ginger and turn chicken (Cha-Cha Dressing & Marinade) if not add a little sesame seed, mustard, sesame oil – cooking until done.
  • Add chicken to vegetables and mix – if needed mix a portion of the chicken and vegetables in the same pan without washing to warm up prior to serving.  

I added some ginger wonton chips to garnish just before serving, only because I had them, finally I served the dish with sourdough garlic bread because I am a lover of all things sourdough & garlic.  Enjoy!


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