Asparagus & Mushroom cravings

For several days I had asparagus & Italian mushrooms (whole) waiting in the refrigerator for their turn to shine.

Today was the day, for starters I heated the oven to 425 F

next heated olive oil with fresh chopped garlic in a pan on the stove

I added the mushrooms and left them alone for @ 5-7 min or so, 

(the mushrooms were still firm) in the meantime, I took the asparagus placed

them in oven proof dish and added a little salt, pepper, tarragon, thyme, basil, fennel,

lavender and olive oil since cream makes all things taste delicious, I poured cream (1/4 cups or so)

over the asparagus mixed it all together and topped it with the mushrooms and all the

pan drippings and finally I topped the asparagus and mushrooms with a generous portion of parmesan cheese

baking  the dish about 15-20 min later (note I like my asparagus soft)

the parmesan cheese baked to a crunchy topping and the cream sauce with the flavor of the

spices, delish!  Since asparagus are healthy can I have the entire bunch?


I served with roasted chicken thigh and leg, unable to wait for the yams decided I would save them for

tomorrow, the asparagus was the best tasting dish I have had in some time. 

Still trying to upload the photo